Auction Options


Online Auctions

This is our No. 1 recommended method.  Also known as the modern method, hence our name, this gives you total flexibility over the sale of your property, enabling you to set a timescale to suit your circumstances.  At the end of the auction, your buyer will be committed to their purchase by either paying a reservation fee or 10% deposit depending upon the type of sale you choose.  

Live In-Room Auctions

Through our trusted partners, over 40 auctions across the country are held each year.  If you would prefer to sell your property in a busy auction room, we can also make that happen for you (though Modern Property Auctions specialise only in online auctions).


Also know as the traditional auction method, where the purchaser will exchange contracts at the end of the online auction or the fall of the gavel (depending which of the two choices above you selected) and pay a non-refundable deposit and reservation fee.  Completion is usually set within 28 days giving you and your purchaser certainty of sale.


Conditional auctions are considered to be a more flexible auction method.  The purchaser pays a reservation fee to secure the property and is granted 28 days to exchange contracts and a further 28 days to complete (56 days in total).  By offering a longer time period, this can extend the appeal by giving purchasers the flexibility to arrange a mortgage and can often achieve a higher price than the traditional auction method.


Purchasers are used to paying fees when buying property at auction.  By you selecting to sell without commission fees, we can charge the buyer a reservation fee, meaning you keep all of your sale proceeds.