Is it really true that I will pay no sales commission?

Yes, it is true.  We get paid from the buyers fees so you pay zero sales commission.  

Surely auctions, online or otherwise, are only for run down properties?

Untrue.  All types of properties and price ranges are successfully sold by online auction, from grand country estates to humble terraces and everything in between.  It's the new modern way of selling property.  If you're a motivated seller rather than someone just 'testing' the market, it really does make total sense.

Do I have to be a desperate seller to consider selling via auction?

Not at all.  You don't need to be desperate to want a fast, secure transaction paying 0% sales commission and competitive bidding, and remember, you set the reserve price which the property can't sell for less than.

Will I have any costs in this process as the seller?

As a legal requirement, you must supply a seller's pack which includes title searches, land registry searches, drainage and local searches.  Should you choose us to compile your legal pack on your behalf, our super competitive price is just 199.00 pounds sterling plus VAT.  You also have to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) unless the property is exempt.  If your property has previously been up for sale with an estate agent, this together with photos and floor plans should be readily available to you.  Otherwise we can make these arrangements for you.  Finally, you will still have conveyancing legal fees as usual.  You can use your own solicitor or through our trusted legal partners, this can be completed super fast for you for only 450 pounds sterling plus VAT (to include disbursements).

Which properties are best for selling with you?

Ideal properties to be sold via auction are Motivated Sellers; Sellers looking for Speed and Security; Sellers wishing to Avoid Stress; Vacant Property; Sales Fallen Through; Probate; Divorce; Recent Price Reduction; Rare Property; High Demand Property; Commercial Property; Land; Property with Structural Issues; Development or Renovation Property.

What if my property doesn't sell via Auction?

More than 75% of our properties do sell but if yours is one that doesn't, we can simply re-auction your property (for up to two more 20 day periods) or alternatively recommend one of our high street partner agents to assist you if you decide to take the traditional private treaty route.  And we can always intervene again should you get a buyer who needs to sell their own property before they can proceed.