We are currently seeking Independent Property Scouts throughout Yorkshire

Would you like to earn a useful extra income from working just a few hours per week?  Property Scouts now being recruited to identify property and property owners who would benefit greatly from our services.  Full training is given and exciting rewards are on offer for those determined to succeed.

What You Will Actually Do

You will be based at home and prospect an agreed territory from your home office (or in front of the television) and out on the street.  You'll be on the lookout for property owners and properties that meet the criteria of being excellent candidates for sale by auction. (we show you the best places).  You will not sell anything (apart from yourself).  Yours is a simple introductory role though being the first face of our company, you will extol all the virtues of being friendly, knowledgeable and professional at all times.  You will record prospective clients details and pass these on to us.  In some instances, you may be expected to accompany a potential buyer on their viewing of a particular property.  Again, if you've never done this before, don't worry as we're excellent trainers.

Who Are You?

You will be confident with an outgoing personality.  You do not need to be the slick salesperson, in fact that is not who we want at all.  This is not a hard sell in the slightest.  Most people who wish to have a quick and secure sale of their property without chains, long delays, having to pay sales commissions and achieving a fair market price will all benefit from our service.  The truth is most sellers are not even aware of the online auction option or dismiss it in an instance based upon a lack of knowledge.  Back to you (got sidetracked there) ... you will take pride in how you look, how you speak and how you work.  Our philosophy is, "If it's not true, don't say it and it's it's not right, don't do it."  That needs to be your philosophy too.  Finally, you will be organised and motivated to turn this independent part-time role into something special that just might get you quitting your current job!  You may have a property and/or sales background, be currently in or out of work or just feel this role is the perfect one for you, working when you want to and earn as much as you want.  Flexibility and time are two of the great advantages of this role.

All in the Detail

You will be an Independent Contractor paid on a commission-only basis.  You will be offered an Independent Contractor's Agreement that will detail the do's and don't of being such, including your exclusive territory and potentially amazing income benefits.  Being independent, you will be responsible for all your own costs but we're aware of that and your territory will likely be in and around where you live.  That is until you become so successful, you approach us for a larger area (that's entirely up to you).  

Okay I'm interested. What do I do next?

Read through this website and understand the services on offer and client benefits.  Use the Contact Us Form and send us the reasons why you would be a great candidate.  We will request a CV in due course if we like what we see.  This could be your first step to making it big, for the first time or yet again.  Never be fearful, but only fearless!

No Discrimination Here

As an independent contractor, you are your own person.  As long as you are suitable for the role as described above, we welcome and encourage you to apply.